Wednesday, September 13, 2006


(or the Todd story box challenge)

7 people add random words to the mystery box.
The words are shuffled and then drawn.
These are my stories


Rosey said...

YAY the narwhale!!!!

Timothy Merks said...

This is fun to do!

Leedrick said...

Can we submit sugestions for these?

If so, here is mine:

Wankel Rotary Engine, Hippie Ninja, Walrus.

Timothy Merks said...

Ok I'm totally doing that. I'll get scribbly Rose on the job aswell.

Here's a comic about Rose and zombies. It cracks me up. Oh and it guest stars Rose's rabbit Alice.

Leedrick said...

Why is the ninja upset at the end? Is it because rose stole the rabit (which I assume is a zombie)? If not, then why was the ninja there in the first place?


Timothy Merks said...

Ok 2 new pictures thanks to the awesome Roseline Lau guest work.

The first one was based on a variation of the rules. We were given 2 words and then flipped a coin to see wether the character would be a villain or a hero. This character had an old timey style to it so hence the inverted colour scheme.

The second picture was in response to Leedrick's request. Oh a lot of the crowd in the background are based on Roseline and my messenger characters (handwriting tab is the greatest.

As for why the ninja is upset in the last comic. Rose wanted a ride on the Narwhale, only ninjas and when a ninja needs money he might let someone ride the whale but mostly only ninjas may ride the Narwhale. As for why the ninja was there, ninjas are known for heroics of saving girls from horrible parties. It is the way of the ninja.

Roseline said...

Leedrick, Rose hates zombies and parties. Both bore her. So ninja comes ot the rescue and picks her up, and as a surprise brings her rabbit along. and when Rose asks to ride the Narwhale again, ninja gets phooey that Narwhale always steals the thunder.

oh and those words you gave were great fun

Leedrick said...

Hey that's great guys, although it makes more sense once you know you've gone all right-to-left on our collective hiney.

I totally dig that chilled out walrus. I bet he listens to Floyd like all the time.

I had no idea that rescuing girls from parties was the way of the ninja. I'm going to have to re-read my "way of the ninja" book...