Sunday, October 22, 2006

24 hour comic

UPDATE: The comics will be sold at the Artrage Night Market, which will be series of sea containers and stalls that will appear along James Street from 2pm on November 4. Roseline and I will be there from 7-10 (OMG!).The average price for each comic is about $4 and there are a few good ones you have to check out (especially Roselines, which is very funny and cool).

I just visited Troy today who was another 24 hour artist who's been doing all the printing. I checked my bad boy comic out and WOW I LOVE IT! This is my first comic in print and I hope you all get to see it. Here's a sketch of my cover page, because if you want to see the coloured one you'll have to come to the stall ;)

Last Saturday and Sunday I took part in the worldwide 24 hour comic challenge. It was very, very tough and stressful but it was great fun.

I'll be selling my comic with the other guys as part of "artrage". I know you will all buy my comic because it is awesome, but you have to fork out some cash for the other artists. There are truly some amazing talented people in Perth. Mind blowing stuff I kid you not!

I'll update this with further info on the comic sale and my cover page but for now here are 2 free pages. My second best page and my second worst enjoy :P


Mister Trivia said...

hey Tim,

Just here to observe that when I was a child the only Scrooge McDuck comicsthat I ever read was when my brother and i were sent to the barber.

These were the old Gold Key Comics. I remember when I hit about ten years old, I suddenly realised that this idea I had that the Beagle Boys shouldn't steal Scrooge McDuck's money was based on nothing much. I didn't really like Scrooge, so what did it matter whether if the Beagle Boys stole from this rich capitalist duck/swine or not?

If your and Rose's work is THAT life-changing, then I'll come buy and purchase a copy/ies.

Will it change my perspective on things?

Timothy Merks said...

That's interesting you brought up Scrooge McDuck, I was talking about that the other day (more the animated series) how I wonder if there will ever be something like that again where a hero character would take morning swims in a money vault.

Like Bruce Willis said in "lucky slevin" (an awful film) "There was a time..." I guess where Scrooge is concerned he fit that time and for some reason it seemed right and funny.

Hopefully my comic is made for now. I based my writing style on hip-hop cut and pasting (Like say a record from dj yoda). The idea behind this is to cram in as much stuff (the more pulpy the better) as possible but also find a balance to deliver comical timing. It's a good trip inside my head.

Roseline's comic is straight up old school story telling that is held together by really developed characters (really look close at the character detail in this, AMAZING STUFF) and personal experiences.

Roseline's style does seem from another time but also has this feeling of timelessness.

Heh I'm a typical film maker here. Glossing over the story and talking about techniques and styles. Although I do think knowing the style allows you to appreciate the work much better.

Story wise in changing perspectives. Roseline's comic for sure, you'll experience that. (I don't want to go into detail because I'll only cheapen the experience.) As for mine, well I cameo and die in my comic. Which is pretty heavy stuff

Both comics are great to read more than once and to go over each frame and look closely into the detail. I think that is probably worth the $4

Jo-Ann said...

Hi Tim, going to return your comics in exchange for a very originally autographed edition. We loved it but you guys looked so busy. It's awesome, and looking forward to Dogstar

Timothy Merks said...

yeah not really busy working more busy freaking out. Customer service aint my thing.

If you want me to sign your comics. for sure, I'd be happy to.

As for looking forward to dogstar, well we're working on the last episode and it's a bit of a let down. Cheap lazy writing which is a shame. Roselines tapdancing crazy person is pretty cool though.

Rosey said...

oh it is such a let down. what a way to end the job contract! by the way....YOUR COMIC IS SUPER COOL. I give it 5 s tars!

Rosey said...

and 5 stars too.