Sunday, October 15, 2006


Written, Directed, edited and animated by
Timothy Merks
Watanabe: Shingo Usami
Dark Mountain: Tatsuo Ishizaka
Translation and voice recording by: SBS Language services
Voice Director: Giles Hardie
Guest writer (films opening): Robert Lee
Music by Penny Walsh
Sound Design by: Adrian Tolman
3d Textures by: Raoul Marks
3d camera by: Starehe Harrison, Vincent Wong and Julis Pang
3d props by: Raoul Marks, Vincent Wong and Julis Pang
2d animation assist by: Roseline Lau
Post Effects by: Timothy Merks and Daniel Pita
Title design by: Daniel Pita
Funded through: "Raw Nerve" FTI and AFC

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