Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Existence promo art

Here's a few old pieces of "Existence" production art and a picture of me at a gallery event where it was screened.

Stay tuned to tuesday the 16th of January as I'll be uploading "Existence" to the Youtube


lambi said...

I would like to see it, but dont have broadband. Ill give it a look though. Hope its not too big a file.

Seeing your drawing has, unfortunatley, reminded me of just how much Ive forgotten to draw since working on Dogstar. I used to be pretty good.

Timothy Merks said...

I thought you were on broadband light?

All these drawings were done before dogstar. the "watanpose.jpg" is a favourite. I might try and do a complete comic in this style (Maybe the LB story Roseline)

The trick to drawing good is either from inpiration or direction. So put on all your favourite tunes and watch and read all your favourite stuff and begin working on your comic for the febuary comic event