Saturday, January 06, 2007

To Roseline, From Roseline

Maybe it is the new year, or maybe the weather but I find myself feeling very nostalgic.

So today I thought I'd share with you all some very, very special personal drawings. These drawings are all about 3-1 year(s) old and they go right back to when Roseline and I first started going out.
There's a personal story behind every drawing and each drawing is filled with much love.
(To Roseline)

(From Roseline)

Thankyou Roseline for all the wonderful memories, the laughs,
the adventures and the friendship. 2007 I know will bring us more


sdk said...

aw.... the sweetest Timothy. that brought a tear to my eye.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you two never get any work done!! hahah

Hows our lil' film coming along?


Timothy Merks said...

heh it's all good.