Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vicious and Faust Season 2

season 1


Rosey said...

I love the berried tree. and the colours, neat neat. its like Apocolypse Meow! I will mention that on my blog perhaps.

Edward J Grug III said...

Keep it up, Tim, I really loved the first batch!

Timothy Merks said...

cheers you two. Yeah it is a bit like that Apocolypse Meow. Dam that's a cool comic.

I want to do a "Modesty Blaise" sort of continuing story and I want to really try to get the most out of my panels. Have a cinematic quality but also have an expressionist style to it. We'll see how it all goes

Timothy Merks said...

here's ep 2. WAY too long spent on that background. I cant do that again. I hope you like

Leedrick said...

These are awesome. Episode 2 looks brilliant.

Are you going to have side on naked shots of your characters sitting on beds, to give it a modesty blaise feel?

I never got Modesty Blaise. I just didn't find it very funny at all.

Timothy Merks said...

I dont know why I like modesty blaise. Nothing is happening but there is always something going on. Also the drawings are awesome.

Glad you're reading them Lee. I'll be putting all this stuff on my webcomicsnation account and I might use this blog as a behind the scenes to show how I'm putting this stuff together (using still only flash)