Tuesday, March 20, 2007

le petit pappilon bleu (2000)

This is a film by Allan Lunardi. Through a friend by the name of Joe Gievano (who co-wrote this films script) I was invited to help out and give advice for the animation. The film was put together at Curtin university using a video camera connected to a PC with Adobe Premier.

It's a funny little film which is really rough around the edges. Enjoy

Allan Lunardi
Story and script by
Allan Lunardi
Damian McDermott
Joe Gievano
Animation by
Timothy Merks
Allan Lunardi
Damian McDermott
Robert Lee
Peter Tarman


SkeletonDance said...

Oh my god, it survived all these years. It's just as... good... as I remember

Timothy Merks said...

remember doing the seasons sequence? How we worked out after doing it if we had of shot it lying flat rather than upright and taking the shot quick before the plasticine slides off. Good times good times.

Hows the uk going?

Robert said...

The UK is cool. I think UK stands for Ultra... Kool... almost works!

Timothy Merks said...