Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr Gough Comic

(cover final ~ paint by Roseline Lau)

(cover sketch)

(page 1 sketch)

(pages 2,3)

(pages 4,5)

As I mentioned before, Roseline and I are working on a new comic for you to buy and hold in your grubby little hands. The comic will be about 48 pages in length. You can read a little about Roseline's story and see some of her pages here. (I've seen her roughs for her complete story and it is very, very awesome.)

As you can see my comic will be mostly double page spreads filled with crazy little details. I've tried to put a lot of effort into designing the creatures, props, scenes and the landscapes to take you into a 'Mr Gough' world.


Rosey said...

aw its so cool inked TImothy. the detail looks fantastic.

Regan Gallagher said...

excellent. looking forward to seeing the final result. i'll be getting a copy for sure.
(i'd still like copies of yours and rosey's comics from that time if you've still got them??)

may the force be with you....GO ART!

Timothy Merks said...

I think Rose doesnt have any spare copies left. You could probably pick one up at Planet books. I still have a spare copy for you that sits in my bag waiting.

This new comic will blow those ones away though.

Cheers for the comment

lambi said...

Lookin' forward to owning a copy!