Friday, April 06, 2007

Vicious and Faust 20

So this gives you a brief idea on how I approached the layout and effects. When you are working in flash you get used to working in layers. For this comic I tried working in an analouge way and drawing individual layers by hand. I'm quite happy with the results. Also you may notice my use of real images (the stars and the background in the bottom frame). This comic is for me to try out new things to apply to my films and possible future comics. I enjoyed pushing the colour in this ep.

If you want some specifics on any effect hit the comments and I'll break it on down.


Rosey said...

I'm loving the colours of the shop bg. you shold show the layering/lighting breakdown cos its cool!

Timothy Merks said...

yep I will do that after I catch up on some sleep. zzzzzzzzzz

Robert said...

Do it! Do it now!!!

Regan Gallagher said...

excellent! hella cool layering & lighting and colouring an'a designinging

excellent i say.