Monday, July 02, 2007

GAH it's me!

Sorry about blurtopia. But here I am downstairs reading some new Ashley Wood comicness. It's him doing Tank girl (you know that comic originally done by that Gorrilaz designer guy). It's muchos awesome.

And here's me wearing a dorky hat. I think it suits the retro house and I can wear it quite comfortably in the house but as soon as it leaves the house it becomes very dorky. I realised this when I went to bring in the washing and I heard people laughing at me. heh

Oh check out fellow BlueRocket employee Richard (the Tooner-Fish) blog. He's got some more photo's of the Mt Wellington climb.

Some brilliantly written and animated fims you must check out.


Girl Who lept through time

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Regan Gallagher said...

Excellent posts Tim. Keep them coming or i will hurt you!