Friday, January 18, 2008


Both Roseline and I have done some interviews about working on the TV series "Dogstar"

you can find Roseline's interview here
and mine here

Check out my long, long hair. Also despite that being a picture of 'Dash Dashing' in the background, that is a scene from 'Porcelain'.

On other news, Richard (The Toonerfish) has been kidnapped by the evil Viscount Marko. I shall try to launch a rescue opperation but it doesn't look likely that I will succeed. So this may be farewell to Knight Richard.

Yeah I'm playing Knighthood on Facebook. It's pretty funny. Here's a picture that I did of Cat as a evil knight.

EDIT: Well my rescue mission just got Jamie captured. DAM YOU MARKO!!! (check out his blog)

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