Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tahune Airwalk

Well on Saturday Roseline a few of our fellow Blue Rocket friends took a trip out to the Tahune Airwalk.

It was about and hour and a half out of Hobart. So It was good to see some of rural Tasmania.

Richard (Toonerfish) had to turn around at one point and we came across this large lot of blackberry bushes. All these little grey rabbits rushed off and hid inside them. They were too fast for my camera so I drew an angry little rabbit.

Along the way we stopped by Geeveston Bakery. They had these hand carved statues out the front. They're kinda creepy. The good news is the food was great and so was the coffee. All the people working there had to dress in old timey clothes which was a nice touch.

The air walk was worth the long journey. There's one of these type walks out in Warpole. I haven't had the chance to visit that yet, I'll probably do that when I get back home. I didn't manage to take any photo's of all of us running from the constant attack by bees (no one got stung they were just welcoming bees).

On the way back we visited 'The big tree'. Suprisingly it doesn't seem that big. Anyway here's the whole group infront of 'The big tree'

It was a nice day that finished up with me eating pizza and the others eating fish and chips. We started watching 'felix the cat' but that was crappy so then we watched 'Thumbsucker' which was pretty dam good.

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Jo-Ann said...

Hey guys, welcome back home. Weather has been a bit dodgy of late, but it's actually better than it has been in the last few weeks, believe it or not!

Catch up soon!!