Monday, March 03, 2008

Valentines from Roseline

Roseline made me this wonderful card that I had to share.

I didn't really capture it, but those strings go from the paper crane's beak to the hearts on the other side. I really loved this as a piece of art. It would make a great cover for the 'Sadako' story.

The card is also complimented with some wonderful "Cat and Rabbit". (We hope to start doing more with those characters this year.)

I really love the paper cranes Roseline makes for me. I always look forward to the next birthday, christmas or valentines day. This is one of the earlier cranes Roseline made for me and another fantastic piece of art.

This crane is for that day where I can't take it anymore. Something like my phoenix paper crane. Never really come close to using it, but it's always good to know I have an extra 1up.

Well it's only 8 months and 26 days till my next scheduled crane.


Rosey said...

oh no the challenge is on now. the competitor in me will make sure I keep making grander pieces of crane art every year now!

Timothy Merks said...

I do love my crane art!

Thanks my talented Roseline