Sunday, June 08, 2008

24 hour comic COMPLETE

Well I am done with seven minutes to spare. WOO!

My comic had to involve the three words "Troop" "mint" and "once". So I decided on a War/Scifi/Comedy comic.

I wanted to create cute fun characters that were easy to draw. One problem I found the more I got into it was I had too many characters and they weren't that easy to draw. I inked four pages but had to stop and just keep it in pencil as I was really running well behind.

I do like my designs though. Actually the Crabbot pilots look the best in the last few panels they star in. They evolved with the comic. Red Beards 'beard' was a pain to draw. Joker was a lot of fun but I wish i remembered to keep him skinny. I also wish I kept Falcon's arm bandages but then I think that would have taken more time to draw.

Khan suffers a bit of bad art due to me racing to get over the line and not really having the time to develop him. I liked where I was heading with him but not quite there. Steve cracked me up. I wish I kept those little eyes but I forgot. I'm glad I inked his scene with the boys.

Ok well enough of me talking about it,

Read it here!

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Now sleep ... sleep is needed


Jamie said...

I love how shark-like Steve looks. I will miss him.

I'll have to see if i can scan in my design pics too, so you can marvel at how seat-of-my-pants I was about the whole deal :p

Mr. Nissan said...

Have ever thought about starting a cartoon show. i think you would do very well