Monday, July 07, 2008

Train...Airport Sketch

So Roseline just got back from a holiday in Hobart and while I was waiting for her at the airport I drew this picture. I must have gotten really into it because I totally missed when she arrived.

Now the colouring was done in photoshop on my new toy, a 21 inch cintiq wacom.

I found fitting it on my desk, working out a comfortable working position and working out what I want the shortcut buttons to be hasn't quite came easy yet so there is something of a learning process. So once I tame this wild horse expect to see some new animations.


Tim D. Cannan said...

yeah, im totally not jealous. im fine with my ink. and... paper. paper's got it all. car YOUR cintiq fold into a crane or... airplane? stupid paper.

steches are awesome and im looking forward to see what your animation looks like when you use the mighty cintiq. how much is one of those bad boys anyways?

Timothy Merks said...

ha 2-8 it costs. There's the more portible one which jamie bought and did his face puncher comic on which is 1-5 they're pretty cool also.

Nothing however will beat ballpoit pen and note paper as drawing tools though