Sunday, November 23, 2008

Porcelain poster art

Here's a promo poster I cooked up for the coming movie. I wanted to make a sort of 80s scifi poster at least what I think is an 80s scifi poster.

The movie will be available online in December. Think of it as a Christmas present to everyone including myself. I'll have to work out the actual bugs of achieving this but so far my tests have been pretty good.

I'll be posting more about this over the next few weeks.


Peter Breese said...

Total 80s man, love it.

vanserious said...

You've got that 80's palette going on.

Bucks said...

Awesome, reminds me of Brazil, Which is an 80s film!! lol If youv seen that, prolly mainly the pink font and curly type =D.

Timothy Merks said...

cheers y'all

got to keep the 80s alive

vanserious said...

From what I remember of the 80's it's all coming back anyway.