Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sexy Legs

Well what a great weekend. I sent the locked off vision of "Porcelain" to Adrian to begin the soundmix so that meant for the first time in a while (like 5 years) I could have a guilt work free weekend.

So I spent most of my weekend playing Noby Noby boy. I managed to get my world rank up to 178 and I collected all the trophies. Looking forward to see what happens when GIRL reaches the moon.

Of course after too much video gaming I started to feel guilty so I made this

Roseline did this crazy sketch and it made me laugh so I had to animate it.

I hope it makes you laugh as well.

Well now I have Delta Force to watch. I'm pretty sure its going to be awesome just based on the cover.


vanserious said...

Looks like something from the Beatle's "Yellow Submarine"!

Timothy Merks said...

who knows what rose was thinking when she drew it