Monday, November 30, 2009

My greatest present!

So this is most likely the best present I have ever been given! Look at that smile on my face.

This was created and water colour painted by the very talented Roseline for my 30th birthday and I couldn't be happier.

The picture is made up of all our characters. LB and the Doll from the film we launched on my birhtday 'Porcelain', there's some jelly babies there, Faust and the robot from my webcomic, Roseline's Spooky Doll Kids, Cat and Rabbit, Waffle, Space Monkey, Mr Gough, Dash and Rush ahhh sooo good!!!!

Thankyou so much Rose! Love you heaps!!!


Jo-Ann said...

oh my goodness, I completely forgot to post this yesterday on your FB!!

Happy 30th, Tim from Warrick & me. Looking from the present you got, Rose must have made your day!

Catch up soon, ya?

Timothy Merks said...

she certainly did! Thanks you guys and yeah we'll have to catch up with you both when we get back to Perth

BlackCrow said...

Wow that is very cool. Happy belated birthday Tim!!

Timothy Merks said...

Thanks Grace!