Monday, July 26, 2010

More life drawings

So This has been sitting unfinished on my computer for a couple of weeks. It was my favourite drawing I did so maybe I put to much pressure on myself.

I decided to paint this one different by painting in shades of black and white first before adding on the colours. This was an interesting idea but it seemed more work than it needed to be. Once I finally finished the girl I went crazy on the background. This was fun as I was trying to channel what I remember of Jack Kirby style space scenes.

It's not perfect but I like some of the ideas. Such as the colour pallet reminds me of 'Marvin the Martian' or those other Chuck Jones space shorts. Anyway I feel I'm getting better with this stuff but more practice is needed.

A couple of my friends have been doing the same and digitally painting up their life drawings. check Marcus' stuff here and Andrew's stuff here

Well that was the last image I planned to paint so here are the original drawings

So last Wednesday we had another Wanimate lifedrawing class and here are the sketches from that.

Now these next two sketches were done using sketchbook pro on my iPad.

This is really hard to do since you draw with your finger. I found with the second image that if I kept throwing on layers and just painting rough instead of trying to make it look like something, I got better results. It was a fun experiment.

Well I've got another life drawing class tomorrow after work. This constant drawing feels good

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