Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dash and Mantis WIP 2

Ok so I'm still working away at this picture and as you can see I'm working with a background. There was obviously no real layout done so things might still need to move around. Once I'm a little bit happier with the layout I'll go into the detail more.

I had a reference location to work from. This is an inlet at Peacful bay. I wanted to make it a little bit more cartoony, this still feels a little too realistic. I might add in a few more things like what Dash is sitting on. What I really like about this, is it isn't a cliché beach scene. I think it helps to actually go to different places and explore rather than relying on reference books and google image search.


Mr Trivia said...

Like what I see Timster. Timmo. Tim Meister. T to the I th the M. (Sorry) It's late...

I look forward to seeing how you toonify Peaceful Bay. And in keeping with your disdain of Google Images, I am going to keep away from Google Maps and simply ask - "where be that bay?"

Timothy Merks said...

ha. I dont so much have a disdain for google images, just seeing something real and walking around it will bring better results.

Peaceful bay is down near Warpole, south east. The google maps amazingly has road side views down there.

I think im just going to clean this picture up but I'll have to do some drawing tests to work out what the toon style is. The main reason behind that is I'd like it to be animateable