Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Dash Dashing promo piece

Well here's the last image I did for my application to tell and give some feeling on who the characters are. Originally I was going to do that with a character line up but I always feel they don't really sell your work

Still Rush bugs me. That is not a good drawing of her. Her face isn't pretty at all, her neck feels too long and overall it lacks charm. Ah well, at least everyone else looks great and the overall style I'm really happy with.

Down here is the character lineup made from all those earlier drawings. I'm pretty happy how well they all go together. They actually feel like friends which is nice.

This was included in the application of course. I like how the non costumed characters contrast to their superhero personas.

This weekend Roseline and I are participating in the 24hour comic challenge and it should be a lot of fun. you should be able to follow how that goes right here 

I'm looking forward to add to my comic tags over on there on the right


Marcus said...

I like it Tim; it looks like fun!

Rabbit Town Animator said...

I love it Tim! They all look fantastic lined up together. Really like Tank playing video games.