Friday, September 24, 2010

Rush Lovable design

Here's Rush Loveable. A really difficult character to lock down. It's so easy to be lazy when designing girl characters and just doing stereotypical things. I've done something I didnt want to do and made Rush's super suit pink. Originally it was more green but it didnt really suit who Rush is. The more I tried other colours the more it didnt feel right so for now it is pink but it mayyyyy change again. The other design which might be a bit controversial is she is going to have short hair. There's 2 reasons for this, 1 is that her ability is to change costumes and take on their powers so I figure she'd be wearing a lot of wigs and 2 I wanted her to come across as European. It's not just the short hair but she'll wear a lot of scarfs, hats, sunglasses.... ok basically she's a lazy cliche of european women, so much so I based her on Jean Seberg in Breathless. haha but she was a great character, a very strong women (I swear everyone designing a female character has referenced lazy).

The things I'm not entirely happy with are the super suit's colours, her mouth style and that beach costume pose could have been better. The things I like are the red knees and cheeks, the eyes are feeling right (they have to be right otherwise she'll look like a boy), the beach costume, the hair colour (seriously hair colour is so hard to get right) and hair style.

Tank Macho is next!

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