Tuesday, October 05, 2010

drawing girls

My female characters are terrible and I need to get better. So this week I'm going to spend it drawing girls. I'll just keep updating this post as to not spread a whole heap of terrible all over my blog.

Here's my first picture (5th/october 2am). I drew this in photoshop and edited and edited it. What I couldn't is a lot of weight in the face. The cheeks felt round and there's real layers of sculpting in the face that didn't quite translate into this picture. Also once again the lips are terrible. I will crack how to draw lips by the end of this (I hope). I don't mind the hair though. That was fun to draw.

I'm not sure who this girl is. There was top model written in the background so maybe she had something to do with that show. Ok hopefully this is the worst drawing and everything else will look better. I'm going to mix it up a bit with styles, focusing on features and poses.

Ok here's a corrections layer, where I just traced off the original image. The nose (as Andrew pointed out in the comments) was too long and not as straight. The eyes sit better in the head, the shoulders are less manly and even though I traced the lips I still don't know how they work (grrr)

5th/october 3:38 pm

Based on Chris Bachalo drawings form 'The Witching Hour"

Instead of working from more photos I thought I might start studying how other comic/cartoon artists approach drawing women. My main focus at the moment is the face. I need to definitely work on poses and figures but one thing at the time.


Andrew Buckley said...

Looks good, the hair looks great. Its just the nose is too long. I have trouble with lips and nose. If you watch that anatomy vid, I like how he explains it as half an orange, it sticks out from the top of the chin to the nose =) lol that probably doesnt help at all.

Timothy Merks said...

haha orange? but yeah thanks I think you might be right

Andrew Buckley said...

hehe yeah an orange, i could show u what i mean, its just because the motuh sticks out a bit and curves around to the cheeks, so theres like half a sphere stuck under the nose about the size of an orange lol.

Timothy Merks said...

yeah, I think I know what you are talking about. I was going to do some close up drawings later specifically of the mouth nose area. I might experiment with that

tilcheff said...

Hey Tim,

You might find it useful to look at Dean Yeagle's drawings, as well as J. Scott Campbell's and Lynne Naylor's.

Hope you're well!

Timothy Merks said...

Cheers Nickolay! hope you are doing well too