Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm doing some images for Halloween. Here's a WIP

It doesn't give away much, only that I'm trying to get my silhouettes right before I start. The picture is quite cute in my sketch (not this this that's just the colour blocking) I'm going to try and not lose the image when I start cleaning up.

Ok here's an update. I worked from the photo first and sketched out what the monsters would be doing. With the digital inking I tried to add more fat to the monsters as I felt they were like cherubs.

Ok things I have left to do are:
finish colouring the other monsters
ground shadows
maybe raindrops


Andrew Buckley said...

looks great so far very cute indeed, i'd like to see a version without outlines on the cherubs at the end too =)

Timothy Merks said...

hmmm maybe