Monday, November 29, 2010

The Manly Drawing Challenge!

Yes! the first Manly drawing

The picture was drawn by Air Patsarun. This man is so manly he doesn't just stink of man he is man stink!

WOO second picture! This time by Ben Grimshaw

So manly, he tames sharks and can smoke a cigar while in water. Super Manly!

Bam! two more entries this morning (26/11/2010) and these two are based off the Simon image.

The first one is by Andrew Buckley which is super cool

What's so cool about this is it was an image I've been meaning to draw for Simon, so now I dont have to draw it WOO (haha). I love the 'eye of sauron' eye at the top of the Dinosaur king and I love how the dinosaur drawings I've done are in the pile of dinosaurs that he's standing on.

Now this hilarious drawing is by Marta Tesoro

to quote Marta, "He bludgeons his enemies with a giant piece of meat and uses the blood as ketchup.  The only time he takes a shower is in the tears of the fleet women he has left behind in his wake"

haha! Excellent, that is super manly! I love how he holds up the drumstick in a 'power of greyskull' way haha.


This one brought to you from my old friend Robert Lee

to quote Rob "He is riding a space shark on a mission to PUNCH EVERYTHING IN THE FACE!!"

haha I love the idea of someone being hit by this guy, "WHATTHEHELLLWASTHAT!!"
and their lady friend would reply, "I...I don't know...but he was so.....MANLY" *swooooon*


A new super manly man by Christien Clegg

How awesome is this! To quote Christien "Imagine if Chuck Norris and Tom Sellick somehow conceived a child. He is standing on the remains of his enemies and he also plays lead guitar in a metal band."

That mullet, the handler bar moustache, the super muscles, the electric guitar and the standing on a pile of bones...dang you cant get more manly than that

and now there's another manly man this time by Daniel Luke

Beer in one hand chainsaw in the other... super manly. The 'king gee' out fit and the mullet also adding some extra manly layers. Love it!

check out Daniels blog as there is a short animation where he has grown from.

I've been enjoying these pictures way too much so I did this quick drawing while I was waiting to see a movie.

I quickly coloured it in photoshop just for fun. I love how in this picture and the other manly picture I've drawn the arms so very wrong, but hey eff it. This is just for fun.

Here's the drawing challenge guide:

1. photoshop or whatever paint the pencil work I've done (you could even just copy and paste the head of simon onto..I dunno a horse to make it more manly)

2. Or just come up with your own super manly drawing, like what Air did.

When you are done, either put it on your blog and write in the comments that you've done it or email me the image at mrmerks AT

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