Sunday, December 19, 2010

24 hour comic is printed

I made a video preview

Dang I flicked through that first part too quick, there's some great stuff there. Trust me the book is super great, it keeps distracting me and I keep re-reading it.

If you live in Perth, you can swing by Quality Comics on Hay St as they are selling them for $25. There will be a few more places to buy the comics soon and I'll let you know. You can read more details about the comic and buying the comic from Chris Markle here:

The other artists who drew 24 hour comics in this book are
Alex Manfrin, Calvin Lin, C. S. Markle, Jessica McLeod, Liam Lucas, Linda Foote, Lucas Travis, Luke Milton, Michael Lombardi, Paul Spencer, Robert ‘Grug’ Forest, Thomas Carter (2 comics!!)and Ushan Boyd

Those that tried the 24 hour challenge but didnt make it were given 4 pages to show off their stuff at the end. Those artists are:
Roseline Lau, Chris Gooch, Jane Chang, Justina Davis, Katie Zhang, Lisa Coffman, Ronnie Ryder and Yip (Sze-Yip) Ng

Printed comics are the best!

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