Monday, December 13, 2010

Simon iPad doodles

Like the title says these are a couple of doodles I did on my ipad while travelling or watching tv

A friend of mine, Christien Clegg has entered a toonboom competition to win a copy of toonboom. You may remember that he was responsible for this awesome poster of Simon.

So if you could support him and get him into the top 10 to win his copy of toonboom. I'm sure he would be producing 100 great animations a year and you life will become better because of it.

vote his entry here


cleggy said...

Hey thanks for the link dude, I love the Ipad sketches, seems like your getting the feel for it. I have Sketchbook pro on my phone but the screen is too tiny.

Timothy Merks said...

yeah i cheated and bought a stylus pen so no more finger painting. no where near as good as a cintiq though.

Oh you totally have to enter a cintiq competition and i'll do my best to help you win that too

cleggy said...

Cool I didn't know you could get a stylus for the Ipad. Man a Cintiq would be the dream. One day, I'm still working on my Blackjack game. Not sure If Jem would be keen on a big purchase before the wedding.

Would it be wrong to put it on the gift registry?

Timothy Merks said...

haha you could give it a go