Saturday, December 18, 2010

Woo Tron!

I saw Tron on thursday and I really enjoyed it. Visually it was fantastic and the music by Daft Punk was top notch. The story was full of holes, there were some awkward lines and poses for the camera (it was a hit and miss affair) but the design heavy world and concept were strong enough to make it a super enjoyable movie (for me).

With my mind overflowing with Tron imagery I had to get a picture out of my head.

It was fun drawing this since it gave me a break from the Simon/Dash Dashing style of squished/compressed bodies and let me do super stretched. Her face doesn't look anything like the actress and more looks like 'The Major' from Ghost in the shell (I've been watching the 2nd gig series recently), so it's funny how another influence came into the drawing.

Their suits are really well designed in the movie, they all have subtle differences. I think what I like is that most of the film is in black and the little light strips on their suits are what give you their body shapes. That's pretty brave design and I dont think they could have made a tron movie without their being a tron movie already made.

Well now I've removed Tron from my head I can go back to making Simon


cleggy said...

Wow! Really nice dude. Love the guy getting sliced.

Timothy Merks said...

That's all the dudes with the red lights did. They got cut down and exploded into cubes

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Totally love the movement Tim! I haven't seen Trn yet :)