Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zoo day double feature (episodes 3 and 4)

Well I'm overlapping my Zoo days and blog posts. So here's a double post!

These pictures are from Friday the 3rd of December and it was just Marcus, Rose (see here pics on her blog) and me. This was one of those days where I started off really well and then slowly started getting worse. I was also really tired that day from memory. At the end of the day we were in the Australian section which is possibly the best set up part of the Zoo. It's funny because that dam cultural cringe kicks in every time someone mentions the Australian section, "ohhh Australian stuff is boring" but it's actually really effin good. I was so tired at that point and I only drew the Tasmanian devil, a koala and a wallaby. I have to go back there again and just spend my day drawing those animals (I guess zoo day 5). Oh yeah the wallaby had a baby in its pouch, I've always wondered if you could stack these animals hopping mouse in a baby wallaby pouch which is in a wallaby pouch which is in a joey pouch which is in a kangaroo pouch. It would be like the clown car of the animal world!

I really liked my lions, that giraffe however... not so much

I really wanted to draw birds that day but when we got to the bird part there wasnt that many there (in the Australian section there were heaps but I was too tired by that point, Rose drew a bunch though). There were 2 Macaws but every time I drew them they looked evil.

Those Tasmanian devils are really funny. The zoo person threw in some fish blood into where they were to stimulate their senses. I could only put up with that smell for so long before I had to move on. That koala was funny to. It's just a ball of fur!

Ok these following pictures are todays pictures, Wednesday the 29th of December. Once again Marcus and Rose were there and we also had some special guests from Melbourne, the very talented Ann-Marie Denham and Adam Duncan. I was a little worried that it was going to be too hot today but it turned out to be ok, reasonable in the shade. I also have to get used to wearing flip-flops as I now have blisters on my feat.

I really like this drawing. I almost felt that I had completed what I wanted to do at the zoo after this first drawing and go home. haha

Lions again. I drew one a little wrong as I tried drawing both the profile and the 3/4 of the head (because the lion kept turning his head) on the same drawing. I then worked out if I did 2 drawings one profile one 3/4 I could just work on one and when he turns his head I could work on the other. Rose and I also saw the cheetah that just had it's head pooped up above the grass sleeping. Roseline drew some great ones of this (better than mine)

This turtle cracked me up, from their funny legs, to their cheeks, to their big eyes. I had to draw a cartoony one at the bottom

Aw man, these monkeys are so funny but they move so fast. You really have to be persistent and just wait them out and draw really fast. I really love how Roseline draws their eyes. It cracks me up, check out her blog later when she posts them up.

Well another zoo day complete!

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