Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy working but here's some scribbles

Rose and I just got back from seeing Tangled again. This is the first film in a long time (Ponyo was the last film) that I've felt the need to go back and watch again, especially in expensive 3d (I'm poor I really cant afford to do this too much). This is probably the best 3d character animation I've ever scene..eff that it's real acting, such beautiful, funny acting (I love that horse).

While we were waiting for the movie we drew some crazy birds. We drew something else that made us laugh but I'll let Rose put that together.

I've also been busy working this week doing after effects stuff. I thought I'd get a lot more drawings in but I've been working nearly every minute of the day. A few drawings snuck in my notes though

Well hopefully I can fit in another illustration friday (maybe tomorrow)but for now enjoy a bird eating a pie and a whale playing videogames

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