Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lots of Simons

I've been working all day on a "Dash Dashing" run cycle that I hope to finish tomorrow. Taking a break from that I did a whole heap of Simon sketches that I coloured up fast in photoshop

I had to stop working on Simon due to me rethinking the story. I like my concept but I want to deliver it the best way possible and there are a few pieces that don't quite fit and there are a few pieces that are missing.

Anyway, with the 2011 priority shuffle (the dance of the year)Simon is my 'c' project. It needs to be done after everything else


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Some really dynamic poses here! Can't wait to see Simon and Sah animated :)

Timothy Merks said...

Sah means dash right? Or is there something else I should be animating?


Rabbit Town Animator said...

I meant Dash :P Whoopsie!