Friday, February 11, 2011

Cat and Rabbit (A Tissue!): Sketches 01

Here's some sketches for a book Roseline and I are making based on an old script that Rose wrote.

I'm trying to refine the drawing style and make it more 3d. Give the characters more volume and make them more I guess huggable. I think Rabbit is working out but Cat feels a little too controlled and not like a person yet. Oh that sour looking cat is another character called Milky. Rose has already written about him here

You can read a webcomic about Cat and Rabbit that I made a few years ago (and quite fond of) here

This book titled "A Tissue" will be drawn and layed out mostly by me with Roseline cleaning up (my work is pretty messy), adding details and finishing it with watercolours. You can see some of Roseline's water colours on her blog here

Rose will be doing the book between jobs painting charactered portraits of peoples pets which is her business. you can read more about that here

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