Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working out the kinks

Ok I made the video of this animation (under this post) loop so you can see it better.

The purpose of my blog is to capture my art growth so I try not to hide my lousy stuff. This runcycle wasn't a winner and has quite a few problems with it.

Here are the key frames and my analysis of them.

I think I could add in an extra drawing here to sell the antic. It's a weird move, as usually when you start running you begin by falling forward and let your legs catch up. I wanted the start in this to be like a slingshot

this is my favourite frame

This is the first loop frame.

That front arm moves a bit bad through this bit. The arms in this animation lack purpose I tried to have them sweep the air as an extra leg but it doesn't read

This frame feels weak

That front leg doesn't move back enough. This is a sticky frame on the animation

That front arm need to go back further.

This is the loop frame. You'll notice that the scarf is different. I want to treat the scarf as an effect to add after the main animation.

This animation was done as an experiment to do a run cycle with one foot always on the ground and I felt as though I learnt some things. I'm also getting use to both animating Dash and working in Toonboom. As far as a run cycle goes this isn't good enough but it is a good start and something to build on.


khrob said...

some kind of secondary 'back foot leaving the ground' motion might sell the fact that he's really pushing the ground away behind him... at the moment it's coming across as a power walk, rather than a run. A little shake in the air might give it some of that running 'lightness' whilst retaining the feeling of weight you're going for.

Dash is looking awesome these days btw!


Timothy Merks said...

cheers. Yeah I have to go back into this one. On my todo list