Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Week

Ben Grimshaw threw down the super hero/villain challenge. Draw a childhood hero every day for a week. I'm super busy (haha pun) at the moment so we'll see how I go.

Here's my first picture, X-Men's 'Psylocke'

A little rushed but it turned out ok

My second, an X-Men villain 'Omega Red'

Sorry I haven't been keeping this updated here but here's day 3, Modesty Blaise

(I'm not a fan of that drawing)

Here's my day 4, Scud the disposable assassin battling Jeff

and finally my day 5 drawing, Wolverine and Cyber

Oh most of this went down over facebook. Roseline has done a few drawings and posted them on her blog (she absolutely schooled me with her Modesty Blaise)

I'll link here later if anyone posts there pictures on there blogs or whatever

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