Sunday, April 10, 2011

Background art

I've been working on this on and off. It's a background for a film that is about 80% animated. I'm going to try and have the remaining 20% done by tomorrow night.

A bit of product placement in there but nothing new really for my films (there's always at least 2 or 3 references to previous films I'm made or am going to make). I've always liked adding in advertising, signs and graffiti into my backgrounds. I like how it give a splash of colour and texture and how it can break up a plain surface.

The imagery is mostly from my head I did mash the buildings designs together out of some Melbourne photos Rose and I took.

The composition is quite flat but that's the style I'm going for. Something that feels like a bunch of stage flats. I do use the background objects to flow the view to where I want it. You'll notice that fence is used to diffuse the building detail, the trees diffuse the detail a bit more. I have the leaves on a separate layer and I'm wondering if in after effects if I can add a shimmer or a slight move (this will be an experiment). I tried a few different things for a foreground elements but nothing seemed to fit.

There's a lighting grade that sits over this to pull all the colours together but that happens after the animation is added. This is a photoshop file that I was able to open in Toonboom Animate pro and keep all the layers separate. The background is made up of 7 layers and there's a tiny parallax at the start.

The animation itself is quite silly but it's the first of a series focusing on different acting styles and funny movement.


Clayton McIntosh said...

Yeah... awesome!

Timothy Merks said...

I think you'll dig the film Clay. I hope