Sunday, May 15, 2011

8 second Dash

I drew this

and thought, 'Hey I want to animate that!'


8 second Dash from Timothy Merks on Vimeo.

Dash is a really fun character to push poses with. I actually find it easier to draw like this than to draw simply. I think it comes down to not thinking and letting my drawing take control. I like how his leg curls in the distance.

That spiral background is from the first Dash Dashing cartoon I made (you can see it here). How I made it is with my coloured pencils I shaded radial bands of colour and just did a few frames to create the loop. The image was then inverted in after effects and it turned out pretty nice. I didn't even have to adjust the colour.

There's a 4 colour gradient on Dash to make him match the background. In Toonboom (which I animated straight ahead in) the scarf was animated on a different layer. I pushed that layer back in z-space, tinted it and put a focus module on Dash so the scarf would blur.

Well this was just a bit of fun for the weekend.


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Oh my god!!!! That's mental! Well done Tim!

Timothy Merks said...

haha thanks!

Clayton McIntosh said...

You did this in 8 seconds? Wow!

Timothy Merks said...

haha ...sure