Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was challenged to draw the Flinstones. Now I don't remember much about the Flinstones except Fred was angry all the time and used to wail on Barney

Barney looks kinda on model, Fred is more like Captain Knuckles from the Misadventures of Flapjack haha. I love that cartoon


Clayton McIntosh said...

Is this in painter? Illustrater? Nice line work.

Timothy Merks said...

photoshop. It was rushed a bit.

I use a default photoshop pencil brush and work with a green colour and just sketch and erase. I then double the line (it makes it darker) and use hue/sat to make the line the colour I want.

I dont know why, but I get a nice line doing this. Every time I treat that line like its my throw away scribble layer

Clayton McIntosh said...

Oh, that reminds me...

The other week you were giving me advice which helped a lot, but a few things I didn' understand,

What is a multiply layer? Is that just a copy of the layer?

With the curves adjustment, how do I get the whole line black, without getting that awful thick black line? Or can't you? is that the point?

I've been enjoying the many blog updates lately.

Timothy Merks said...

Photoshop yeah? The layers have several states in how they effect layers below them.

Multiply: Just uses the dark information and alphas the white

Screen: Just uses the white information and alphas the black

With the curves you can create points (try not to add too many 2 at most) to bend the line and fine tune how much black and white there is. It really depends on what the original line is like but if you make a sort of 'S' with the line (almost like the ease in and out with flash) You can find a nice balance between black and white

Clayton McIntosh said...

I'll try and see if that makes any sense next time thanks

StephenG said...

Ha Ha! The best Fred & Barney I've seen in years.
I agree with Clayton. The blog's been great to catch-up with of late.

Timothy Merks said...

Thanks Steve!

I'm trying to make the blog more about developed content and process. While using my twitter/twitpic for just silly little drawings.

This is easy to do when I'm not working but a bit tougher when I've got a bunch of work to do

Clayton McIntosh said...

Yeah don't do that... put everything on here.

Timothy Merks said...

Well it's on the left there (in the twitpic widget). This blog is more for my "pro" stuff heh