Friday, August 26, 2011

Bacon Bros!

They are the bros of Bacon, squats and the beach

Bacon Bros came about when I was out eating breakfast with Roseline.

They made me laugh so I made them my loopdeloop animation for this month. The loopdeloop theme was 'masks' and that cracked me up that they were these masked guys that eat bacon and do squats on the beach.

The animation was done once again with a toonboom photoshop combination. I used toonbooms textured brush for the linework to make it look like pencil work. This works pretty well (as an end result) but you sometimes have to go over a line to darken it and I also suffered losing real time playback (this also could have been due to the photoshop background and some effects that I had going on)

The first bacon bro looks a bit like the original (I just forced his proportions a bit) the second one I wanted to make a little bit stranger mostly because I didn't want to animate the same thing twice

I did choose the most conservative one out of the 3. Mostly because I liked the moustache.

The little bit of music was done once again using Garage band for the ipad but all the sound effects and voices were from my film 'Existence' sound library. Adrian Tolman (my go to sound guy) recorded a ridiculous amount of sound effects that I've been having fun misusing for all my stupid animations of late.

Well I hope you got your funk on and now want to eat bacon (there's vegetarian bacon I've been told), do some squats (there's vegetarian squats as well) and maybe even take a walk on the beach.

I wonder what I'll animate next month... and if it will also have nipples on the characters.

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