Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Hair and Red Tie

Whoa I haven't updated in awhile so here's a quick drawing I did tonight.

I've been really busy lately trying to do both animation on a short film and a video clip storyboard.

I also had a really bad neck sprain (or something) that put me out for a week and has made all my deadlines harder. I've haven't really recovered from it as my arm and neck still aches a bit which sucks a lot.

I really need a holiday and go get some decent exercise. I'm like an animation battery hen at the moment.

Oh another thing I'm doing is contributing cool stuff I find to the very fantastic Fruitless Pursuits blog. The blogs filled with funny and interesting nerd/art/culture stuff and it's updated quite frequently every day. So definitely check it out. You will enjoy wasting time there.

UPDATE: I totally forgot about these 2 quick photoshop paintings I did maybe last week (weeks and months are blurring together). They're not really for anything (like the top picture) but they're kinda cool

painting some craaazy hips haha

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