Friday, February 08, 2013

Hey girl

So unfortunately I wasn't able to raise enough money for some short movies for the "Manly Show" but I've been kicking around some ideas an old one and a new one.

This is a character test for the new idea

and here's the step by step making of

Hopefully I can finish it in less than 5 years unlike my other film Porcelain. It will also have less psychic powers and tentacles and instead have emotions and feelings.

I'm liking using the extra lines for expressions but not 100% happy with my line work (which was always going to be rough). I might experiment with no outlines (although I feel that's a little played out now) or textured lines and either pushing a more stylised face or trying a few more realistic faces.

I really want to capture a 30+ older and more ordinary look as I want to tell a story about people in this age group. Drawing on my own experiences and friends.

It's still early days to be talking about the story I'm just trying to get a few of the characters together and then let them affect some of the scripts choices.

Well I'll talk about this and the other idea more when there's stuff to show.

As for the fate of the "Manly Show" well we won't be making the films but the tumblr is still a go.

I made an animated gif the other day that was pretty cool

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