Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jim (2004)

Ok this film needs an introduction. This film started out as a satire of films being made at the same time (from what I was seeing at festivals and my own films :P) where the main character would v/o how miserable his life is and if only his achey heart could heal and at the end some pretty girl would turn up change his life or something. I hated that, it felt like writers were living out their fantasies. So this was an anti film to that. Also I was dragging in elements from around me with my friends and myself whinging about how bad everything is. So I decided to give this film a message "shut up it's not so bad you could be being mauled by a bear" which I think is a great message they should give it out at gift stores, put it on the back of cars or whatever.

Some interesting production notes where:
  • The piano music composed by Alison Derby each song title was variations of "Tim is poo", "Tim likes poo" and "Tim eats poo". Such classy titles for such beautiful piano loops. This is what happens when you don't pay your crew.
  • This contained my first time using traditional hand drawn animation. Mostly I draw straight into flash but for the sequence where Jim was running inside I used pencil in paper (of course I coloured it all in flash)
  • The movie stubbs for their first date was for the movie "Raging Bull".
  • I designed Jim's apartment with a Dutch cultural Nick knacks. Such as the plates on the wall of windmills and the Porcelain figurines on the TV. (The chairs from Africa... I don't know what I was thinking with those)
  • The Bear was based on my amusement of Yogi bear. I loved how they gave the bear a collar so you wouldn't realise they were replacing the head when they did lipsync. Also hats and ties on bears is funny. This bear is making a few appearances in the Cat and Rabbit universe
  • The bear sounds were stolen (gasp!) from a nature doco. I don't know what one I'll have to get that info from Adrian.
  • Perrina did all my scouting for voice talent and would send me audio clips and I would judge who I wanted. When I went over to record the voice for "Jim" I came to realise that the actor had recently had a partner who had left him and they had planted a tree together. So I got to say that was a real awkward experience (Thanks Perrina! haha)
  • Another thing about the actor was during takes he ...uh had a few drinks. Amusing times with the line "A beer? A BEER!"
  • The film was screened for the last Sunset Cinemas "Grassroots". Possibly the greatest festival that WA had. Unfortunately that company lost the rights to the Kings Park venue which is now been take over by Moonlight cinemas who don't hold a short film competition. I should be more annoyed by this but people in WA know how to fuck up a good thing.
  • My favourite comment about this film was yelled at the screen by a guy sitting near us at the Grassroots festival. "THAT'S STUPID, WHY WAS THERE EVEN A BEAR IN IT!". He didn't have any problems that it has a hat and tie or that really doesn't even look like a bear (I should have at least used one reference photo).

Written and Directed by
Timothy Merks
Jim: Anthony Dunn
Macintosh: Jonathon Shearer
Doctor: Claire Housden Monet
Music by: Alison Derby
Sound by: Adrian Tolman/Perrina Bozanich
Edited by: Perrina Bozanich


Anonymous said...

hey timbo mcbucktooth, tis regan here. i loves the site, great what you've done with the place.
all your characters are effin great, like the line of them at the bottom and the robot bad ass thinie mjiggy that prodily displays your name next to it.
make more and more and more and more or you'll have a date with my foot and it'll be kissing your ring...erm, arse, oh god...i'll kick your ass okay!

Rosey said...

I think i knew all that stuff about the film, but I love the extra insight you wrote about Jim anyway. I dig the production design of this film the best I think out of all your films.... I will have to make a short of my own one day that will better it, so is my competitive nature.

Anonymous said...

I read your (great) behind-the-scenes patter before watching Jim, and I think I liked the short better because of it. Adds more meaning and, well, I get why there's a bear now. :P
Also, very funny about the actor for Jim planting a tree with his ex! Didn't get it until I watched Jim, then I lol'd! -from honey-

Timothy Merks said...

haha yeah the actor was cool about it all but even still.

Glad you liked all that behind the scenes stuff. I hope to write a little for each of the films. I may have to backtrack into previous posts at some point.

thanks for the comment Honey