Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kicking back in 98

So my cpu has a busted motherboard and I need a new one. So for the moment I'm back using my old cpu. It feels so clunky!

Anyway I found this picture on it and I kinda like it. Oh there still will be a new film on Tuesday. It's a good one!


Check out:

  • The anime "Eureka 7". It has some really beautiful character design and wonderful facial expressions and animation. Done by studio Bones who produced the Cowboy Bebop movie.
  • Music "The Roots: Game Theory". A very cool album. The song that suprised me was "Atonement" where they sampled "You and whose Army" by Radiohead. very cool
  • The movie "The Fountain". It was very cool. Although I must admit I really wanted to see more of the spanish soldier story and the future story had some cheesy moments. All up though it was a great trip.

EDIT: This doesn't deserve a new post so I'll drop it in here. For "Porcelain" progress check here on Roseline's blog. She's been posting up some of the cleanups. I'll start posting images when we start putting stuff into Flash.

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