Friday, January 19, 2007

Porcelain progress and Comic stuff

Well I've just finished the first half of the animation (YAY!) it still needs to be cleaned up, put into flash and then composited but it is a huge milestone.

Well (as the photo illustrates) Roseline is on the job with the cleanup. We are hoping to finish all the animation by the 12th of Febuary and that's looking quite promising.

Other news. Roseline and I traveled around checking the stores stocking our comics. They have done such a great job displaying them and supporting us. Thanks heaps, also thanks to Michael for delivering the comics.

It was excellent to see that a few of our comics have sold aswell. Roseline even sold out at one of the places.

If you want to check it out, the stores you will find the comics at are:
Quality Comics
Planet Books
and Oxford books

Here's Roseline checking the display at Oxford

Also this blog will be getting 2 regular updates a week. The first is on the Saturday when I will post a new Vicious and Faust comic the second will be on the Tuesday when I will upload one of my short animations to Youtube.

So stay tuned!


lambi said...

Wow, you guys seem to be having fun, animating and hwatnot.
Sigh, meanwhile, Ive just lost my license, like an idiot.

Dont forget, comics are also in Fantastic planet, comcis boc and a few in 78's.

Timothy Merks said...

Oh yeah, should of dropped in on fantastic planet since we ate at takas for lunch. Roselines comic sold out at 78s.

Sucks about the license