Sunday, March 30, 2008

48 hour Animation competition winning film!

Well the film is done and it won both the 'Best film' and 'Audience choice' woo!

Congrats to everyone who took part. Quite fantastic results all round. Special thanks to my crew. Craig great to catch up with you and work with you again. Michael you learnt flash in half a day then I made you learn premiere elements, great work! And to little Roseline, you can always come through with the goods!

Graeme Watson put up some behind the scenes stuff on the FTI site

Oh and I forgot to mention the event was called WAM BAM and was a WANIMATE event.

Many thanks to Kate Vyvyan for doing such a great job putting it all together.


Benji said...

thats really fantastic. well done.

Timothy Merks said...

I have to upload the new version. glad you liked this one