Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Roseline's Model Making Class

Roseline has been taking a model making class for the last three weeks at FTI. I got to drop by the last two weeks and had some time to do some new drawings.

It's a 3hr class which is quite long and in the first one I went along to the students were continuing to model their characters in plasticine based on their drawings. During this class I showed them my latest showreel and talked about both Roseline's and my experience working in animation.

While I was there I practiced drawing 'Ultimate Fighting Champ'. He is basically made up of super poses and crazy facial expressions. Speaking about UFC, that 'Waffle' film gave me a chance to experiment with the animation process I'm thinking of using.

After that class both Roseline and I noticed the students had flew through creating their models. Since there was two classes left I came up with an idea of getting the students to create drawings from their models. I remembered a post John K did about drawing from toys and drawing using construction so Rose and I based the class exercise around that.

What was good about this class is it gave me some time to practice drawing with construction. I got to practice on Roseline's 'Taboo' from 'Spooky Doll Kids' that she brought along to show the class. This is a really tough exercise that I need to definitely practice more if I'm ever to leave flash and get into proper 2d animation.

After the students finished drawing a front, 3/4 and profile version of their characters we got them to switch models and hand over the turnarounds they drew. They then had to draw various different character expressions using the model and the turnarounds provided. I thought this was a good to show of the importance of model sheets, getting them used to drawing other peoples characters and dealing with other people drawing their characters.

Roseline will be going in by herself next week and will get the class to produce some stopmotion animations. Hope I get to see some of the results!

One of the students (Andrew-Buckley) gave me a link to his films on New Grounds. They're pretty good, really great timing and very cinematic. That class is pretty talented and I'm looking forward to seeing their final films.

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