Friday, May 30, 2008

Fly Away Jelly

This is a short film was produced way back in 2004.

The film was conceived by Greg James who I later worked with on the Space Monkey film. The character designs and all the character animation was done by Roseline Lau.

Rose often revisits these jelly bean characters, last year she did a comic about them.

I was responsible for the art direction, picking colours and what not. I digitally painted all those clouds, and animated the million jelly babies you see for half a second when the jelly floats away. I also remember doing all the compositing despite what the end credits say and I have no idea why I'm credited for the sound since I took no part in that. So I guess just enjoy the end animation because those credits are a bit off.

Rose and I have always wanted to revisit this short. The changes we'd make is making the birds small little birds (snow white sort of ones), changing the red 3d things to real cushions and of course smoothing out some of that animation.

Hope you enjoy

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