Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Train Sketches 3 and a comic

So I am still taking long train trips every day and have done some more sketches. I have not been drawing that great lately so that is why there is not a heap of new stuff.

Lately I have been into drawing "Dash Dashing".

Here he is holding his weapon of choice. There is also a Tribe Tribal sketch looking a lot like something from "The Maxx". I did this one mid last week.

I did this one tonight between Fremantle and Perth. I was using a 0.1 felt pen but the nib was all jammed in which made it hard to draw. I was still inspired from watching Imaishi's "Re: Cutie Honey" episode. That was crazy stupid but absolutely brilliant.

Ok since the pen was useless I decided to try drawing with a heavy pencil. 4b I think. I like the round shapes I got out of that pencil. I might have to try a few more drawings with pencil before doing the 24 hour comic.

Speaking of comics. Jamie got a sweet new toy from playasia and I asked him to take a photo of it for me so he sent back the first two images. I thought they were hilarious so I took one of my toys. I told Jamie to upload them but he is lazy so I am stealing his thunder. I put together all the images and made this:

(click to make bigger)

Well my net speed is back and I have some sweet new cartoons to watch. Lata!


Regan Gallagher said...

Nice very nice. You drawing not so well it still plenty un-naff my friend :D

Timothy Merks said...

these are the good drawings. You dont want to see the horrible ones. For the love of god you do not want to see the horrible ones.


Keep drawing you book by the way. Stop wasting time checking my awesome blog. I need my sweet sweet copy