Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back working on Pixel Pinkie

So back working on Pixel Pinkie series 2. Good to see some old faces and meet some new ones.

Thought I'd share with you the show reel of Hung Lin who sits next to me where Jamie (Max Facepuncher) used to sit. The school ruled that Jamie and I talked to much so now he sits on the other side of the room (animation studios are funny things). Anyway after you check the reel check out Hung's blog here and see some of his great disturbing art work and watch some films.


Pretty awesome you would have to agree. Speaking of awesome check out Jamie's new webcomic. It is updated (amazingly) every Monday and Friday


vanserious said...

Aw crap, does that make me the 'teacher'?

Middle management sucks. ;-)


PS: love the reel. Got your samurai stuff at a higher resolution somewhere Tim?

vanserious said...

Really like Hung's reel too.

His Illustration work would easily sell as fine art.

Timothy Merks said...

ha totally teacher matt!

I'll burn you a dvd of that film at some point.

Hung has such a distinct style to his work. Great stuff

vanserious said...