Sunday, September 28, 2008


So Clay was complaining I don't update my blog enough. So I'm going to try and update with something new every Sunday.

Recently I just finished doing some animation on a pilot for Zaktoons which was quite fun (even with its questionable characters haha). Except doing that and working full time on Pixel Pinkie didn't leave me with much time to do anything of my own.

My old sketchbook was filled with a lot of suck so I decided to buy a new one and so far it's been good to me.

Ok this first image is a co-op with Roseline over 2 lunch times. One really fun exercise I like to do is to draw randomly all over a page and then start drawing in a background that connects all the elements. It's good fun and it really ties it all together.

The second is a conceptual design from a project I'm doing with Jamie. It's one of the reasons all these images are photos because I used this blue pastel pencil and I have no fixative at the moment and I really didn't want that all over my scanner. I'll leave the project unnamed for the moment some of you already know what it is but we're planning to do something quite diverse and instead of creating one thing we'd create a world on multiple platforms. Ambitious and still at its baby stages but it should be pretty awesome.

Well this originally started out as some production art for "A relaxing Sunday" but turned into a drawing women exercise. I still haven't quite got an interesting female character style yet but its a long working progress.

Ok phew that took me awhile to put together. I promise to have something new by next Sunday. Hell maybe even some new "Porcelain" since I'll be working on that during the week.
Well there you go Clay something new. Oh everyone else check out Clay's comics they are very funny!

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