Monday, October 20, 2008

Lb shot 32 - breakdown

So here's the finished shot. Pretty good considering nothing is actually animated, it's all just moving stills. To get the cars to move across without looking crappy you jitter the up and down in their movement path. You'll notice a bit of parralax movement at the start (where some layers are moving in different directions and speeds to other layers) and there's a bit of a pull focus that also happens. These little tricks can make a 4second still image a slight bit more interesting.

Oh if you're wondering why I didnt keep the warmer city image and chose the washed out one for the final, it's more about what emotion that will give my sequence. There's not a lot of dialouge in "Porcelain" so the imagery has to be clear on the feeling. This is the stuff you can only do on your own projects and never for any clients.

(no filter)
(final colour mixdown)

So all the compositing has been done. I'll upload a video in a bit. You can see here the various filter phases it's gone through. I'll write a little more when I upload the video.

So now it is all in photoshop (the other stuff was in flash). I adjusted the curves on the background to nice it up a bit.

Everything is in layers (7 layers all up) and now I am going to bring that across into after effects. I was going to do my blurs in photoshop but I want a little bit more control on how it happens over time in after effects.

Ok the background characters are now all in. Have to export them at various layers. I had to expand up a bit because I think I'll crane down to all the people waiting. You'll notice the far background characters have no outlines. They will probably have a heavy blur on them.

This other reference image is going to serve as my background. I think this should work.

Ok you'll notice I pulled the saturation down on that last image. That was just testing the colours a bit. Here's the raw image moved along a bit. 3 new characters and I just mapped out the further background characters. I need to do a background and a foreground.

Here's an hours work. I'll update this post as the shot progresses


Yvette said...

Keep it up Tim & Rose!! You CAN do it - you MUST do it!! It is looking really great - awesome in fact

Tim D. Cannan said...

i really gotta learn more about after effects cos it freakin blew my little mind.

Timothy Merks said...

ha if you know photoshop then you know after effects. It just gives you a time line.

Actually I did a little test using photoshop to do a frame by frame animation. I might try do something with that when i get time.

Thanks Yvet!

Mr said...

Freakin Awesome, Team Porcelain...

Regan Gallagher said...

top work my man, top work! :)